Preschool 4 -5 years

Preschool room caters for 23 children per day with 2 educators. The ratio is 1 educator to 10 children.

Pre School Philosophy

We believe in providing a safe, welcoming & equitable learning environment for all children.

We believe in providing a School Readiness Program that offers children many opportunities to develop the skills required of them at Primary School.

We believe in developing independence and self-confidence in children.

We provide activities that are based on children’s individual interests, inquiries & learning styles to assist them to explore and discover the world around them.

We believe that children learn through exploration & hands-on experience. We create an environment where children are free to explore and discover and take charge of their own learning.

We keep records of children’s development and work together with families to enable children to achieve to their maximum potential.

You can now make bookings or notify of an absence 24 hours a day from your mobile phone!

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